Google’s Chrome Web Store

Just like many other nice products, Chrome Web Store is also one of the best Store for Google Chrome. It provides free access to millions of free games, apps, themes and extensions for Google Chrome Browser for enhancing the functionality of the world’s best browser.

Google Web Store has 4 main types of downloads as explained below.


This type includes great free extensions for your browser. There is a section called ‘featured’ which lists the must-have extensions for Google Chrome. Some great/useful extensions include Office Online, Grammarly for Chrome, Google Keep, Lastpass, Full Page Screen Capture and Google Dictionary.


You can customize your Google Chrome web browser with the style of your choice by installing a great theme of your choice using Themes freely available in the store to maximize your web surfing experience using the Google Chrome.

Some popular themes you can try: Flying PaintMorpheon DarkNight Time In New York City and Rebecca Taylor.


Apps most likely work as softwares on your computer, chrome web store has many great apps ready to be added to the chrome web browser. Some of my favorite apps are TeamviewerPixlr Express, Desktop and Google Forms.


Need time to refresh your mind? Want to play games while browsing?

Google Chrome Browser has this amazing feature to play games on your web browser, you can add any game of your choice using the chrome web store to your browser and play to kill the boredom also enhance your www-ing experience. Try these games Cut the Rope, Funky Karts, Little Alchemy and Solitaire.

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